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At this time we are NOT accepting more volunteers for the event on April 22, 2018.

Please complete and submit the form to join us on
June 9, 2018.


Descriptions of Volunteer Roles:

Pre-Event Promo Crew: Reach out to our neighborhood hosts spread the word to residents along the route about the vibrant street experience that will be unfolding right outside their doors

Road Hero: You’ll be assigned to a specific segment of the route. As some vehicles need access to cross the Ciclovia Route, Road Heroes will assist with keeping people safe by controlling the flow of participants. You have the opportunity to work closely with New Brunswick Police Officers. Road heroes may assist with the recovery of BikeShare bicycles at the conclusion of the event.

Activity Team: The event route will be segmented into zones – Art Zone, Health Zone, Get Moving Zone, etc. Activity Team will be responsible for guiding activity providers to their designated locations. The Activity Team will report to Zone Captains to ensure the success of the activities within their zone. You will be expected to help at their tables, distribute information, and encourage our guests to participate in activities throughout the day.

BikeShare (BEFORE Event): A number of bicycles will be available for Ciclovia participants to ride, explore the route, and share with others. This fleet of 40 bikes will be stored in other locations on the morning of Ciclovia. BEFORE the event begins, the Level 1 team will meet at the Volunteer Check-In. We will depart to deliver bikes to retrieve the bikes and deliver them to their designated location. How do we deliver the bikes? We ride them, of course!

BikeShare (AFTER Event): At the conclusion of Ciclovia, this team is responsible for retrieving the BikeShare bikes and delivering them to their designated location. The bikes can be tracked using the BikeShare app. Data rates may apply.

Thank you in advance. You’ll have an important role in this event and we trust in you to make it great. All volunteers are expected to be helpful and make all participants feel welcome. All volunteers are responsible for finding a replacement if you need to step away from your assignment. All volunteers are expected to maintain the cleanliness of their zones throughout the day.

Before the event, our team will contact you with more detailed information about your roles.