Descriptions of Volunteer Roles:

Road Hero:  You’ll be assigned to a specific segment of the route to assist in the flow of pedestrian traffic and vehicles that may need emergency access across the Ciclovia route.

Block Captains: Block Captains escort Road Heroes to their assigned locations after they visit the volunteer Check-In. Later in the day, Block Captains keep volunteers and police hydrated and fed, help anyone in need along the route, and provide assistance in covering road Hero assignments, as needed.

Set up and Tear down crew: Set the stage for opening the streets. Includes setting up water stations, helping move barricades into place, and changing out event signage. And, vice-versa, help with break down (tables, signs, barricades) and loading supplies into vehicles. Cleaning up well means we leave the community in great shape!

Canvassing Volunteers: Get involved in the long-term design and frequency of Ciclovia by joining one of the many subcommittees. There’s something for everyone. Help our Neighborhood Hosts spread the word to residents along the route about the vibrant street experience that will be unfolding right outside their doors.